Terms & Conditions

Permitted Uses

Northside Conference Centre (hereafter known as NCC) is administered by Northside Community Church, which is a Member Church of the Churches of Christ.  The Centre is situated on property owned by the Churches of Christ Property Trust (NSW) therefore all intending users of the Centre should be aware that no part of the premises may be used for any purpose contrary to the principles and standards of the said Northside Community Church.


Confirmation Of Bookings

Confirmation of all bookings must be made by an authorised company representative in writing or by facsimile by completing and signing the following:

(a) The attached quotation

(b) These Terms and Conditions and

(c) Method of Payment Form

(d) Tentative numbers of attendance

And by payment of a required Deposit of 20% of the total function amount, or full payment if total cost of function is less that $1000.  Please note that space and time cannot be confirmed until the signed Terms and Conditions and Deposit are received.



NCC reserves the right to require payment in full of the advised cost prior to the date of function and to cancel the booking if that payment is not made.  All addition costs incurred in respect of the function will be invoiced to the client forthwith after the date of the function, and accounts must be paid within seven (7) days after receipt of the Invoice.  Use of any credit card to settle an account will incur a 2.5% surcharge. 3% AMEX


Numbers For Catering

Advice as to the minimum number of guests attending the function must be confirmed in writing no later than seven (7) working days prior to the event.  Unless altered at least three (3) working days prior to the event, the number specified on the quotation is the number which will be the charged for.


Opening Hours And Surcharges

Normal operating hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. In order to cover the costs of keeping the Centre open, surcharges may apply to functions starting from, or finishing after these hours, as well as to use on weekends and public holidays.


The client will agree to commence the function at the scheduled time and agree to ensure that guests vacate the designated function area at the closing hour indicated in the booking.


There will be occasions when a booking has to be cancelled due to changes in a client’s arrangements.  NCC still incurs expenses and in order to cover these expenses, the following policy applies to all cancellations:  In the event of cancellation

1.Within 48 hours of function or during function – full charge of total estimated cost.
2.Within 3-30 days a cancellation fee of 50% of total estimated cost.
3.Within 30-60 days of function – forfeiture of total deposit.
4. More than 60 days prior to function – payment of $100.00 cancellation

Any cancellations, changes or additions must be received in writing.


Price Variations

If the charges or prices referred to in the quotation become subject to any tax imposed by Government or any other authority, an amount equal to the said tax paid or payable in respect of the goods or the supply of services referred to in the quotation or otherwise supplied by the Centre will be added to the amount of charges and/or prices referred to in the quotation.

External Food & Beverage

All areas of NCC are catered for and therefore organisers or clients are not permitted to bring food and beverage to a function for sale or consumption.


Damages To Premises/Equipment

All clients will be responsible for the cost of excessive cleaning, damage or breakage sustained to the property of NCC during a function arising from want of care, misuse or abuse on the part of clients, invitees, servants, agents, contractors or sub-contractors of  the client.  This includes any person permitted by the client to be on the Centre’s premises or otherwise occasioned by any breach or default of the client and will pay the cost of making good such damage or breakage within seven (7) days of the submission by the Centre of an invoice therefore.

At the discretion of the Management of NCC, clients will be required to cover any damage to walls or floors during the set-up for or following completion of a function.
The use of walls within the Centre for display purposes will not be permitted unless approval has been given by NCC Management.


Each room includes a complimentary flipchart, whiteboard and a set number of rectangular tables.  Additional charges may apply to non-rectangular or additional tables.


NCC will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to equipment or merchandise left on the premises prior to, during or after the function.  NCC does not take responsibility or adopt liability for the loss or damage of equipment or personal items left on the premises.

Delivery & Collection Of Goods

The Centre will only accept delivery of goods one working day prior to an event unless otherwise agreed, and a fee may apply.  All goods must be collected within two working days of the conclusion of the event.


All signage in public or common areas of NCC must have prior approval of NCC Management.


The Centre Management may require evidence of adequate insurance to cover both for Property Damage and Public Liability.  If the client brings sub-contractors onto the premises, they will be responsible for providing certificates of currency for Workers Compensation and Public Liability Insurance for all contractors.  By agreeing to these terms and conditions you release the Centre, Northside Community Church and Churches of Christ Property Trust, from all actions, suits, damages, claims, costs, expenses and demands that they may incur in respect to injury to or the death of any person or damage to any real or personal property arising in anyway whatsoever out of the use of the Centre’s premises or any part thereof (unless arising as a result of the negligence of NCC).

Safety & Fire Regulations

All functions are subject to compliance with current Health and Safety Regulations and to the requirements of any other Government, semi-Government or local Government authority.

The lighting of candles, naked flames or flammable items are not permitted in the Centre.  Smoking must take place outside the venue, and away from the front entrance.  NCC is a non-smoking venue.


Electrical Equipment

Clients bringing electrical equipment for use on NCC premises are responsible for ensuring the equipment is maintained in a safe condition, including the completion of inspections and tests as required by the NSW OHS Regulation 2001.  NCC reserves the right to review client equipment maintenance records, including inspection and test records prior to allowing a client to bring electrical equipment for use on NCC premise.